As business owners, there is valuable reason why we need a clear understanding why people spend too much time in Facebook and other Social Media websites. Much research have been done on this subject and experts have concluded that five broad categories drive online activity. These are information seeking, interpersonal communication, self-expression, passing time and entertainment. But would you believe that a recent study on Facebook activity behavior stressed that while all 5 bahaviors are present the two factors that stand out are peoples’need for passing time and entertainment.

This need to be entertained as the biggest driver of activity on the social network works pretty well for those seeking to create products or services. The recent study also added that the a person’s reasons for joining and logging in Facebook change over time. Men and women sign up for meaningful interpersonal communications between friends or families, but most end up staying for the boredom-busting factors in the long run.

In other words, many of us say we use Facebook to stay connected with friends, but many of us are actually logging on to view videos, look at photos and – perhaps most significantly for a public company looking to solidify its revenue model – play games.

Self-expression also has long been known to drive online activity, and the most recent study confirms what most suspected: People, and particularly young adults, use Facebook as a form of self-expression. The self-expression motive does offer some explanation why people might post their feelings, their opinion or an image to their socially networked friends.

Further research on this behaviors could also shed light on how marketers, social networks and business owners can tailor their product offers and services to increase engagement and target the people most likely to buy, commit and share positive messages with their online friends.

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