Its an absolute necessity that people trust you, believe in the service or product you are selling, or business opportunity you are offeirng. Only then would they buy from you, recomment your product or join your group. This are the reasons why you have to gain the loyalty or trust of your people as the target market of your business.

One sure way to prove you are honest is to be transparent. Prioritize setting up accounts on social networks like in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Myspace. You would want to share of your success story, experiences and some failures that have happened along the way. This would allow people to trust you seein you as a real person, not hiding behind a business brand who is only out to get their money.

Nobody likes to be scammed of their hard earned money. And you never want to be labelled as a scammer. Even if your business is legit and you offer real products negative feedback and people’s emotions could get in the way of the decisions and their perspective. When speaking or dealing with people in your business avoid feeling angry, show rage or overly nervous, and show being upset. Be calm and sure of yourself. Make sure you deliver clear intentions for marketing your product to avoid any confusion or miscommunication.

Post pictures or better yet videos on your social networking sites, and your website blog. This allows people to see you as a breathing human being who wants to help them with their needs, and not some anonymous internet profile. Pictures and videos provides a stronger connection between you and other people. It makes them trust an authentic person.

Finally, always make available your email addresses, Skype handle and phone numbers on your social network pages and business site. People appreciate an open connection with you.

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