Sony’s forthcoming eReader will be priced at just $199 (c£117).

Sony’s current reader is popular in the UK, where the Amzon Kindle range has yet to launch , but in the US the ‘etailer’ has taken a big market share.

However, after news of the two eReaders surfaced last week, it has been confirmed that Sony’s 5 inch eReader will be available for just under $200 with a larger version priced at $299 (c£176).

This lower price point could be a crucial factor for Sony – with the vast majority of people still not convinced that moving away from paper books is for them.

“Achieving the $199 price point, we believe, expands the market dramatically,” Sony’s president of Digital Reading Steve Haber told Reuters.

The $200 price point is significantly less than the Kindle – priced at $299 – and should help Sony attain its goal of 2 million units sold in the US.

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