The newly released Seene App for iOS devices presents a unique-capability of allowing you to take “3D pictures” of anything and be able to share it with your friends. It does this by getting a rotating image of of the subject that reveals more angles of the photo. Its just like the features of iOS 7’s parallax effect.

How to take a Scene with the Seene app software? Just tap the record button and your photo subject gets filled with plenty of dots. Those things with more edges and contrast populated the screen with more dots. A guiding grid would appear, then moved your phone like a joystick to be able to capture different angles of your subject. The Seene app would then generate the seene in a matter of seconds, you would be presented a 3-dimensional masterpiece photo of your subject.

The Seene app supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, its own public gallery and an embedded web link. Just create an account to share and save your seene, which is exported in a proprietary file format. Sharing via Facebook brings your friends to the embedded file on Seene’s website. Its a fun app to play with and enjoy taking 3D pictures of anything you like.

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