June 2009 – Globe has recently released their newest Globe network service the “Globe-Seanet SIM”. A Swedish innovative maritime network operator , Seanet Maritime Communications AB , has developed partnership with Globe network. The new Globe SIM offers a very competitive, cheap, all-day rate for GSM voice and SMS roaming services.


The Globe SIM works on Seanet’s on-board technology which allows the seafarer to use his cellphone to call or text while at sea . No need for any special handset like a satellite phone. Prepaid cellphone loads can also be purchased inside the ship making it very convenient to seafarers.
According to Seanet chief executive officer Klas Lundgren, the new Globe-Seanet SIM service will definitely provide significant contribution to the well-being of each crew since this is a low cost means to communicate to their love ones while on board.

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