A very prestigious university in Japan will be giving away hundreds of Apple’s iPhones 3G, to be used for its one key features – the Global Positioning System (GPS) to check and see which students skip class.

Many of the students in Japan often fake attendance by asking friends to answer roll-call or hand in signed attendance cards. Japanese student cheat their attendance since this is a key requirement for graduation in Japan.

Aoyama Gakuin University in Tokyo, Japan will be giving away Apple Inc.’s iPhone 3G to a total of 550 students in their School of Social Informatics, which studies the use of Internet and computer technology in society.


The Apple’s iPhone gadget comes with a GPS , a satellite navigational system that automatically checks on the Apple iPhone’s whereabouts. It will work also as a tool for studies.

Many are reasoning out that students who plans to still skip class could still fake their attendance by giving their Apple iPhone 3G to a friend who goes to class. But students are still aren’t likely to give away their mobile phones side this iPhones are packed with their personal information and e-mail.

Aoyama Gakuin already signed a deal earlier this month with Softbank Corp., the exclusive vendors of the iPhone in Japan.

The number of students using the Apple’s iPhone 3G is expected to reach 1,000 in the program — the first time the iPhone 3G is being used on such a scale in a university Japan.

The Apple’s iPhone 3G will also be used to relay course materials, lecture videos and tests. The university hopes students will develop software applications and other lifestyle uses for the Apple’s iPhone 3G and other mobile phones.

This is not the first time that a group whether company or school will be giving away free gadgets as a tool for learning and development.

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