The Todd Duffee vs Tim Hague UFC fight would probably be the fastest knockout in all UFC history. UFC Newbie Todd Duffee scored a 7 second knockout victory over Tim Hague. Many of the fans can’t believe it. A fight that ends in 7 seconds is truly a record to beat. Stopping a strong fighter at the moment the fight began really shows how much punching power Todd Duffee has.

Just watch these Duffee Knockout Video to appreciate.

Well one thing everyone wants to know now is if Todd Duffee can handle long fights. He surely can do short quick fights with quick bursts of power punches but I wonder if he can go the distance so to speak.

Watch the Todd Duffee vs Tim Hague Fight (7 second knockout video in Youtube / utube)

Congratulations to Todd Duffee for setting a record knockout in 7 seconds.

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