There have been news that Member Savings Accounts have been lost due to technical & software problems that have been bugging down the GSIS computer network systems for quite some time.

The Govenment Service Insurance System’s management wanted to clear to every GSIS member that all their accounts , money and transactions are intact within the GSIS system network.

The slow down in completion of transactions both online and in offices are just due to some technical difficulties with regards to the latest IBM hardware and software packages that GSIS purchased and planned to rely on to boost its network infrastructure.  This failure by IBM to give its commitments to GSIS is being dealt with legally.

The slow down is just due to lacking infrastructure but the whole GSIS system is still safe , secure and intact. GSIS asks its members to bear with them through this difficulty and apologizes for all the inconvenience this incident had caused to all its members.

The GSIS website now allows its members to access your information online. The newly available GSIS UMID eCard makes its easy for you to log-online. UMID stands for the Unified Multi-Purpose ID. Simply use your GSIS number iD to enter, for you to be able to check your Loans Status, Membership Information, Monthly Premium Payments, Insurance and other inquiry you might have.

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