Searching for the list of LET passers? Here are the updated PRC Teachers LET Board Exam Results for 2017. Everyone of those who took the LET Examination for aspiring Teachers, check out this of test result and verify whether you are within the required passing mark for the LET requirement for all Teachers nationwide.

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) already made available the results. The announcement is for all those who took LET Board Exam Results for Teachers, a 31% passing rate was calculated. This means that there are 19,384 just passed out of 62,160 takers of the latest Licensure Examination for elementary teachers (LET) while 25,755 passers out of 64,792 examinees (39% rate of passing) in the secondary.

Here are the list of board passers for LET Examination for Teachers in PDF File:

L.E.T. – ELEMENTARY – All Regions

L.E.T. – SECONDARY – All Regions

The LET Board Exam for Teachers was given last September 29, 2013 in 17 testing centers nationwide. Congratulations to all new Teachers!

2014 Examinations for Professional Teachers : July 27, 2014
Deadline of Filing of Applications : June 13, 2014 for first timers (May 30, 2014 for repeaters)

For all newly graduates, check out the deadline of filing schedule for the next LET Teachers board LET examination 2015. Don’t miss it! Good luck!

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