Watch The Hangover Movie Online (Trailer)

The Hangover Movie casts are Brad Cooper as Phil, Ed Helms at Stu, Zach Galifianakis Alan, Heather Graham as Jade, and Justin Bartha as Doug.

The Hangover is a funny comedy film where in Doug and 3 of his friends drove to Las Vegas two days before Doug’s wedding for a special, unforgettable bachelor party.

When the three groomsmen woke up the following morning, they can’t remember a thing. Then they discovered some weird stuff that they don’t remember such as finding a tiger in the bathroom, and a six month-old baby in the closet.

They find all sorts of stuff except Doug. With absolutely zero clues whatsoever as to what really happened to them, the 3 guys must figure out and backtrack their steps and bad decisions they made to figure out what really happened and to get Doug back to LA for his wedding.

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