Here’s The Top Ten for the weekend ( 09 August 2009 ) :

#1 $56.2 million – “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” a movie adaptation of the popular toy franchise GI Joe. tHe movie is about a group of elite operatives battling the mysterious Cobra organization.

#2 $20.1 million – “Julie and Julia” a movie that tells the story of Julia Child, an American famed for cooking French cuisine, and Julie Powell, a woman who tries to cook a recipe a day from Child’s most famous cookbook for one year. The movie stars Meryl Streep and Amy Adams.

#3 $9.8 million – “G-Force” an action-comedy about a crack squad of guinea pig spies.

#4 $8.9 million – “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” The sixth installment of the franchise, which sets the stage for the boy wizard’s final confrontation with his arch-nemesis Lord Voldemort.

#5 $7.9 million – “Funny People” a comedy starring Adam Sandler as a terminally-ill famous comedian who decides to mentor a young comic.

#6 $7 million – “The Ugly Truth” a romantic comedy starring Katherine Heigl as a romantically-challenged producer seeking love.

#7 $5.8 million – “A Perfect Getaway” a thriller about a serial killer on a Hawaii island popular with honeymooners .

#8 $4 million – “Aliens in the Attic” a family adventure tale about a group of children who discover aliens that are trying to invade Earth.

#9 $3.73 million – “Orphan” a horror movie about a couple who discover the Russian orphan girl they have adopted is not who she seems.

#10 $3.72 million  – “(500) Days of Summer” an offbeat romantic movie.

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