Twilight star Taylor Lautner is on the cover of Teen Vogue October 2009 issue

Inside the Mag here’s what Taylor shared with Teen Vogue:

On the kind of girls who like Jacob: “If she likes having a really close friendship with a guy . . . being able to tell him anything, and then having that friendship slowly transform into something more . . . I find myself using the word transform a lot lately because that’s what Jacob does.”

On his having the role: “I think the fans would love anybody who played Jacob. I’m just lucky to be the one who got the chance.”

On Selena Gomez: “She’s a great girl.”

On all the speculation about Robert and Kristen: “It’s crazy. But the fans help. They’re a big part of the motivation.”

If in Twilight, Robert Pattinson delivered the teen scream, in New Moon, expect the scream factor to get doubled with Taylor Lautner launched as another monster hottie to die for watch for. Taylor Lautner reprises his role on The Twilight Saga: New Moon as Jacob Black. He bulges up in New Moon because his character will turn into a werewolf.

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