August 22, 2009 – The Tribal Dancers are now the new Hall of Fame Champions. They gained the favor of the 3 judges and the panel of jurors and got their 5th win to be included in the prestigous and most coveted Hall fo Fame winners.

One of them put a hoola-hoop on fire and played with it on her neck. This wowed the judges tremendously. As they have said , they had talent , synchronized steps , all smiles , beautiful faces , sings and dances to the music . They had it all and deserved victory.

The Tribal Dancers have won their 4th victory last August 15 . They are wearing all black tight shorts and sleeveless tops.

Last August 08, 2009 ,  they made a dangerous act – one of them blew gasoline on fire which caused it to burst into a huge flame. This impressed the judges since when done incorrectly can result to 2nd degree burns on the face.

Last August 01, 2009 and July 25, 2009 , The Tribal Dancers which is composed of 4 sexy and talented and beautiful girls wearing only hawaian bikini dresses and dance to the music while playing with fire won on Talentadong Pinoy.


The team is composed of 3 half-blind sisters and 1 deaf friend.  Their names are Grace, Zam, Menchie, and Liezel ( See their photo below from left to right , with G at the middle ) . They admitted that the performance was a real challenge for them since when ask how they do it , they said ” pakiramdaman lang “.

They had won 50,000 pesos each week for five (5) weeks in a row returned every week to defend their crown.


Talentadong Pinoy is the first ever talent show produced locally that showcases various different acts every week. In only ‘1 minute and 30 seconds’ every contestant (Talentado) will be screened by celebrity talent scouts. Then afterwards all the Talentados will evaluated by a jury composed of professionals from different fields.

The contest is open to individuals, pairs or groups (with a maximum of 5 members).
If you are interested to try it contact (02)-692-4211 or (02)-692-4212;

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