After 73 days, 28 competitions, 10 evictions, 1 coup d’etat and 1 expulsion, the “dumb blonde” outwitted them all.

22-year-old waitress Jordan Lloyd played the role of the weakest link and in Big Brother 11, if they don’t see you as a threat, then you have a big chance of not getting evicted.

The members of the Jury who voted for Jordan were Jessie, Michelle, Lydia and of course, her BFF who took her to as far as the final 4, Jeff. Jordan also received America’s vote for having more than 11 million televiewers rooting for her to win.

The 24-year-old Natalie, on the other hand, only got two votes. One from Russell and one from Kevin. Her biggest alliance Jessie surprisingly voted for Jordan.

America’s favorite houseguest for this season was Jeff. He won the $25,000 cash prize for winning the poll. It’s also interesting to note that America also voted for Jeff to have the mystery power of “Coup d’etat” that changed the game in the middle of the season.

Natalie won $50,000.00 for placing second to Jordan who is now $500,000.00 richer.

Jordan and Jeff had the “showmance” of the season and people are expecting their relationship will continue to blossom outside the Big Brother house.

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