MAXIM Philippines’ front cover features Brazilian hottie Daiana Menezes in its June 2009 issue.

Daiana Menezes no doubt is a drop dead hot & gorgeous celebrity . She is a regular on Eat Bulaga and Bitoy’s Funniest Home Videos and also stars in the teen drama Lipgloss. Like many female foreign celebrities we welcome Daiana with open hearts. We are definitely sure that you have already heard of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili free home made amateur sex videos that can be downloaded online for free. The other famous beautiful girls & celebrities that have been named as included in the sex video scandal by Hayden Kho includes the drop dead hot gorgeus Brazilian Beauty Daiana Menezes.

Aside from Daiana , a few of the other girls are Modess & Ponds Model Maricar Reyes , Voluptous Sexy Star Rufa Mae Quinto have both been reported as part of the free publicly downloadable sex videos scandal collection. But do you think she is the Brazilian model on the Hayden Kho video scandal? You guessed it wrong… Daiana Menezes ( often mispelled Diana Menezes ) already confessed it was a very good friend of hers in the video. She had already seen the video and hopes her friend won’t find out because she’s from a very good family in Brazil and they will be very disappointed with everything. Her friend already left the country since 2007 and until now has not yet found out she is in a sex video. Japanese , Korean , Chinese , Malaysian , Taiwanese , Vietnamese , Singaporean and other asian sites have already featured this sex scandal. Although many sites have already been blocked , there are still many persistent addresses out there.

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