Greenhills Shopping Center is inviting all College Bands Members to come and join the upcoming concert dubbed as Greenhills Sessionistas 2009. The contest event will give all student bands a chance to jam with famous local artists and also win wonderful prizes.

Registration period for the Concert is from June 16 to August 24 and is open to all Student Amateur Bands with the minimum qualifications :

– a minimum of 3 members,
– 18 years old and above and
– are currently enrolled in universities or colleges in metro manila

Bands should fall on the following genre :
Pop/Rock , Alternative, R&B, or Reggae

Sessionistas ‘09 Guest Bands:

(On eliminations round)
Razorback – September 4
Sinosikat – September 11
Urbandub – September 18
Sugarfree – September 25

(On finals round)
Rico Blanco and Pupil – October 2

Prizes awaiting the winners of Greenhills Sessionistas 2009 :

1st prize – 10,000 pesos cash + 40,000 worth of Greenhills gift certificate
and a 4 night paid gig in Tiendesitas.

2nd prize – 10,000 cash + 20,000 worth of greenhills gift certificate for the 2nd prize

3rd prize – 10,000 cash + 10,000 worth of GC for the 3rd prize

Non-winners – 5,000 GH shopping center Gift certificaate

For more details, Please call: (02) 726-4472

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