Skin itchiness and allergy

An allergy is a condition of acquired specific alteration which may be caused by sensitization and reexposure to an allergen. Skin itchiness may be due to contact with allergen.

Water Treatments

1. Starch bath. You may use kamoteng kahoy flour for this.

2. Gawgaw or starch powder. Use as powder after the bath or at bedtime.

Herbal Medications

1. Kakawate leaves

ü Crush or chop young leaves and extract juice.

ü Apply the juice on the skin until the itchiness is relieved.

2. Kalatsutsi sap from leaves and trunk

ü Extract the sap or juice from the leaves and trunk. Mix with coconut oil.

ü Rub the mixture on the affected skin, 2 times a day.

  1. Kanya Pistula (Golden Showers) leaves

ü Crush young leaves.

ü Rub the crushed leaves on the affected area until relieved from itchiness.

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