Lice infestation on the head

Lice (“kuto”) is a small, wingless, flattened insect which produces irritating dermatitis on the scalp.

Herbal Treatments

1. Shampoo hair with gugo bark or any commercial shampoo.

2. Immediately after the shampoo, comb hair with fine comb (“suyod”) to remove the live lice.

3. If possible, shampoo every day for one week and comb hairwith fine comb twice a day.

4. To get rid of the nits (lice eggs), wet hair with hot vinegar for half an hour before the shampoo. Then, comb hair with fine comb


2. At bedtime, pound ½ cup of atis seeds. Mix it with ¼ cup of oil. Apply thoroughly the oil-and-atis seed mixture over the scalp and hair. Wrap the hair and head with a piece of clean cloth and leave it on overnight. Shampoo the next morning and comb hair with fine comb.

3. Do this treatment daily for 3-5 days or until all lice and nits are gone. Destroy or kill the lice and nits as soon as they are removed from the hair and head.

4. Always keep hair clean and well combed. Don’t use the comb of other persons. Don’t sleep with an individual infested with lice.

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