Indigestion is the disturbance in the digestive function of the stomach or its failure to digest food.

Suggestive Measures to Aid Digestion:

1. Withhold food intake for four hours.

2. Drink one glass of hot water hour during the 4-hour fasting.

3. Eat a slice of ripe papaya 30 minutes after a heavy meal.

4. Eat light meals without fatty foods after the four-hour fasting.

Herbal Medications to Aid Digestion:

1. Papaya, ripe

ü Eat as a fruit dessert, especially with heavy meals. Papaya helps in the digestion of protein.

2. Kamatsili leaves

ü Boil 1 cup in 5 glasses of water for 10 minutes. Add ½ teaspoon salt.


Adults: 2 cups initial, and then 1 cup every 4 hours

Children: 1 cup initial, and then ½ cup every 4 hours

Babies: 1 tbsp., initial, and then 1 teaspoon every 4 hours

3. Anonas leaves

ü Warm the leaves in open fire.

ü Apply the leaves directly on the stomach while still warm. Use abdominal binder. Renew every 2 hours. Good for children and babies.

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