For each ailment listed in this site, there are several water and herbal treatments suggested to cure or alleviate suffering from it.

Everything listed in the water treatment should generally be done for the patient, except where only one of two procedures are suggested.

For treatments requiring the use of plants, the following general instructions apply:

  1. Use only one plant at a time. In treating the ailment, use only one plant medicine- the one available to you.
  2. Use only stainless or earthen cooking utensils. Where the treatment calls for boiling any medicinal plant- leaves, flowers or barks- don’t boil it in aluminum utensil. Aluminum reacts chemically with medicinal elements in plants.
  3. Don’t cover cooking utensil when boiling. This is done to release toxins, if there are any.
  4. Boil for a one-day supply only. Any decoction’s effectively is good for only 8-12 hours after boiling.
  5. Take decoction either hot or cold. Strain decoction before taking it.
  6. Wash thoroughly any leaves, barks, flowers and roots with water before boiling or using it as poultice.
  7. Do not use or boil two or more different herbal plants together, unless instructed to do so.
  8. Follow instructions carefully, especially the measurements and the dosage.
  9. Some individuals are sensitive and allergic to certain leaves and plants. If symptoms of allergy are observed during and after the treatment, STOP the treatment immediately, and wash with water thoroughly (for skin applications). Symptoms of allergy are: dizziness, and headache. Consult a physician immediately if symptoms persist.
  10. Individuals known to be allergic to some plants are not encouraged to use the herbal medications. They may still use the water treatment.
  11. Follow the procedures on water treatments carefully. These treatments and medications are for simple illnesses only with known complications. After 3 to 4 days of treatments and medications with no curative effects, and with symptoms getting worse, STOP the treatment and consult a physician for
  12. further medical management.

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