Fractures are breaks in the bones. A simple fracture is one where there is no wound on the skin. A compound fracture is one where a broken bone protrudes through the skin.

First Aid

1. Don’t lift victim. Let him lie flat on the ground or where you found him. Don’t massage or use any herbal concoction or poultice on the fracture.

2. Examine the body for bleeding but do not move the extremities. If he is conscious, ask him where it hurts.

3. When the fracture is identified, immobilized the body part. Get two pieces of wood or sticks and sprint the fractured leg or arm. Cut out his clothes or your shirt to tie the sprint if strings are not available. Handkerchiefs may be used, if available, to tie the sprint.

4. The sprint should be placed to limit the movement of the joints. The fractured arm can be tied to the body while the fractured leg can be tied to the other leg if sprint materials are not available.

5. Transport the victim carefully and right away to the nearest hospital for immediate care.

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