Chicken pox

Chicken pox is an acute contagious disease. It principally afflicts children and is caused by the varicella virus. It is characterized by a superficial eruption of transparent mascular vesicles which appear in successive crops on different parts of the body.

Water Treatments

1. Fever sponge bath or continuous cold compress to the head for fever.

2. Warm shower or warm sponge bath daily. Do not rub the lesions.

3. Give plenty of fruit juices and water to patient during waking hours.

Note: Isolate the patient in a room, If possible, to prevent the spread of the disease to other members of the family.

Herbal Medications

1. Balimbing leaves (for itchiness)

ü Crush or chop young leaves and extract the juice.

ü Apply the juice on the skin or lesions to relieve itchiness, 3 times a day. Don’t rub juice on the skin.

2. Lagundi leaves (for fever)

ü Boil 4 tablespoons of chopped dry leaves or 6 tablespoons of chopped fresh leaves in 2 glasses of water for 15 minutes.


Adults: 1 cup, every 4 hours.

Children: (babies) 1 tablespoon, every 4 hours

(2-6 yrs.) ¼ cup, every 4 hours

(7-12 yrs.) ½ cup, every 4 hours

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