Recent news and testimonies of the power of Stem Cell Therapy to have rejuvinating effects have come from well known personalities and celebrities. Most of them have admitted to have undergone the Stem Cell Therapy treatment abroad. Besides the claim of treating ailments and diseases, Stem cell therapy has also been resorted to due to ‘vanity’ or aesthetic purposes. Some have observed looking and feeling younger after undergoing with the treatment.

However, despite the Stem Cell Therapy being widely-accepted and widespread news of its promising effects as mode of treatment for several diseases and injuries, many people are still wary and having second thoughts to undergo this innovative treatment.

One major factor is its high cost. Some have reported the price of treatment would for a minimum of a million pesos. Another concern for most people is the alleged unfavorable side-effects of the Stem Cell Therapy, which some believe to have been the cause of death. Its really alarming since recently, stem cell therapy was blamed for the death of two congressmen.

On Monday, House Speaker Sonny Belmonte revealed that Camiguin Representative Pedro Romualdo and Bohol Representative Eric Aumentado are believed to have died due to side effects of stem cell therapy. The two had undergone the procedure overseas.

However, Belmonte clarified that it has not been established whether stem cell therapy was the cause of death. Sources points to severe illness as the reason for death of these two solons. Officials announcements from the chamber said the two veteran lawmakers died of pneumonia.

Stem cell treatment clinics in hotels

Yesterday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned the public, especially foreigners who visited the country for leisure or for medical reasons, of the unregistered stem cell preparations and therapies are being provided in hotels and other non-health facilities.

The FDA said patients who use unregistered stem cell preparations and therapies are at risk of acquiring infectious disease resulting in deadly complications.

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